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Golf conditioning is a fitness program designed for people who want to improve their golf game and prevent golf related injuries. Golfers are known for the consistent way in which they practice their golf swing, in order to perfect their game. One way to assist in this process is to understand and breakdown the six stages of the golf swing. They are as follows:

* set-up - the balance of the body in preparation for the swing.

* backswing- the slight rotation of the hips leading to the weight shift and the shoulder turn.

* at the top- tall posture, balance and an almost erect leg ( right or left, whichever is more dominant) maintaining its flex.

* downswing- slight weight shift of the hips.

* impact- the shifting of the upper body behind the lower body, and the rotation of the hips to a slightly more open position toward the target.

* finish- good posture; the body is balanced and relaxed, weight has transferred to the dominant leg.

In order to continue to be consistent and meet the demands of the golf swing you need to be fit, and by that I mean concentrating on improving your flexibility, strengthening, stabilization, weight shifting, balance and posture.

This can be achieved by utilizing the gymnastic ball. The gymnastic ball is a great tool for golfers, because the exercises performed on it promote a diversity of fitness benefits in each routine. The g-ball, as it is commonly called, diminishes joint strain while promoting flexibility; therefore, increasing your range of motion. It challenges the entire body placing demands on the muscles to contract, thus increasing your strength. The g-ball also improves the stabilization of the trunk and the scapular area, while providing spine alignment, which are very important for golfers.

As you become more advanced, and want to challenge yourself, the intensity can be increased by adding manual resistance, or other exercise equipment besides the g-ball to your routine such as: hand weights, tubes/stretch bands, and cables.

So if you are looking to improve your golf game while increasing your fitness level than golf conditioning is for you. Not only will it develop the essential muscles for your golf swing, but it will prevent or rehabilitate the muscles that are commonly injured among golfers.


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