Personal Training

Individuals or small groups

The personal training relationship begins, even before the first workout, when the client in pursuit of a healthier life-style and the body to go with it (hopefully, in that order) confides in the trainer their goals, weight, physical limitations, and possibly other personal information, like their past exercise successes and failures. Because of the sensitive, private nature of these confidences, it is of utmost importance that the trainer create a safe, supportive and absolutely confidential environment for the client, in our studio that includes a confidentiality agreement that is signed by my partner, Tanya Loken, and myself, at the clientís complimentary consultation. The next step is after considering their aforementioned information, in addition to their health history, the trainer in response tailors a program specifically to their wants and needs, that will not only culminate in the realization of their goals, but better educate them on the correct form and technique needed to exercise safely and effectively.

Every personal trainer has their own unique style and approach, and what they enjoy most about the profession, for me itís the creative element of training and incorporating all the modes of exercise I know, while developing new ones. I often combine circuit, interval and cross training, with yoga and conditioning exercises, for sports, such as golf, sometimes even in the same session. I feel my twenty years of experience in the field make it easier for me to give my clients not only the kind of workout that will keep it fresh, but that make them more fit and apt to be ready and able to accept any physical challenge. For an older client that might be finally becoming strong enough to be able to lift himself/herself off the floor unassisted, or for an overweight client it could be for the first time being able to do fifty crunches.

Itís witnessing and celebrating the progress of my clients, big and small, that makes my profession so fulfilling to me; I cheer for them, and am as happy and excited as they are when they reach their goals. Because, to me, for a long lasting, successful training journey to take place clients and trainers should feel like working together has been a positive, mutually gratifying experience.



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