Tanya Loken

Life-Guide & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I was born in New York City, but spent half my life on a fruit farm in upstate New York. My eclectic background includes: a B.A. in psychology, training in social work, performing arts and creative writing. Prior to relocating to California and becoming a life-guide in 2003, I worked as a special educator, teacher, social worker, counselor and performer.

However, the one common thread that brings all these experiences together is my unending commitment to affecting people’s lives in a meaningful way. To me, that is what a life-guide is: a caring and intuitive individual with sharp skills of observation, who has the ability and knowledge to discover tools and strategies, which will motivate the client to work through any area(s) in their life that needs further exploration and attention.

In 2006, I received my certification in clinical hypnotherapy, by the American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.

Integrating a solution-focused style of hypnotherapy into my practice has allowed me to assist clients in uncovering subconscious and unconscious material that will heighten their awareness of the positive internal resources they carry within to reach their desired goal(s). It continues to be an honor and a privilege to witness the metamorphosis that hypnotherapy and life-guiding can affect in individual’s lives.

Specializing in

Weight, Stress and Time Management
Emotional Eating
Compulsive Exercising
Finding Your Purpose and Passion

Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Performance Enhancement (for Sports and the Arts)
Fears and Phobias
PG (Parental Guidance for typically developing and special needs children of all ages)

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