What it is and isn't

Iíve found that many people, even those who come to me looking to try hypnotherapy for themselves, have many misconceptions about what it is. Their only exposure to it may be on T.V., in films, or in stage shows, where what their often seeing is a hypnotist, not a hypnotherapist, perform amazing feats in mere minutes, like getting someone to bark like a dog, without the participant having any knowledge afterward of having done anything out of the ordinary. This is clearly hypnotism done for entertainment value, and it has itís place, and is not for me to speculate on the authenticity of it. All I can say is that clinical hypnotherapy, which is what I practice, couldnít be more different.

First of all, clinical hypnotherapy is a very effective therapeutic modality meant to help people move toward whatever their goal may be. My clients come to me for: weight loss, smoking cessation, fears and phobias, specific stressors in their life, pain management, family or relationship issues ( done with one partner or both simultaneously), understanding dreams, finding purpose and passion in their lives, performance enhancement for sports and the arts, among others.

Secondly, I want to assure you now that at no time during the hypnotherapy session are you unaware of what is being said to you, or should you be asked to say or do anything that is not in accordance with your goal, and has not been agreed upon between you and your hypnotherapist, prior to your session. I believe anything less is not only unethical, but just as importantly betrays the trust of your client. That is what the interview process is for to discover more about the client, his/her goal, and through mutual agreement how to go about achieving it. I often compare the hypnotherapy experience to being in a deep, relaxed meditative state where your internal awareness is heightened, your external lessened, and with the help of your hypnotherapist you are capable of tapping into subconscious and unconscious material, that will assist you in reaching your goal.

I received my certification, by the American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, and was trained in a solution focused style, which I believe guides the client towards focusing on their strengths when wording and developing their goal, allowing them to feel more positive about the outcome before, during and long after the hypnotherapy session is over. In fact, that is one of the most lasting gifts of this therapeutic modality, and what continues to astound and impress me about the whole process, that it is constantly unfolding; it is not just what is revealed to you during the session that is important, but what is revealed to you days, weeks, and months from your last hypnotherapy session, about your most important resource, you.




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