Complete Core Class

Our newest fitness offering

According to The Medline Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and The National Institute of Health, “back pain affects eight out of ten people in America, and exercise is the most effective way to speed recovery from back pain, and to prevent reoccurrence of injury.” So if you want to stop, or keep yourself from becoming just another statistic treat your trunk to this indispensable workout.

The Complete Core Class will:
* Strengthen your entire back and abdominal muscles
* Stretch the back, abdominal and hip area, fundamental for the full function and relaxation of the back
*Improve your posture, alignment, balance and the ability to better perform daily activities.
* Prevent future or further back injuries

So, if you want to make more possible: more walking, more gardening, more dancing, more lifting, then come join this vital class.

* * * *

For more information on our classes, including dates, please refer to our price list and contact information. Please call or email us to sign-up for either of these classes prior to attending.



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