Fitness from the Inside/Out

We strive to inspire Personal Strength in all of our clients in our studio for: personal training, yoga, yo-strength, yo-fit, golf conditioning, life-guiding, and hypnotherapy, by empowering them toward their own mental, emotional, and physical personal best.

- Sandra Pereira & Tanya Loken

What is Personal Strength? 

Personal strength is aligning and balancing the mind, body and spirit from the inside/out.

- Kristanna Loken
(sister of Tanya, guest client of Personal Strength, actress, and wise woman)

Both powerful and illuminating; a once in a lifetime experience that I wish everyone could have. Many thanks to Sandra and Tanya for providing a road map for healthy and joyful living.

- Leslie Hollis-Lopez
(Personal Strength client and wise woman)

Personal Strength is using the action approach in life when you feel stuck-keep your body-your heart-your mind-open and moving.

- Jennifer Larkin
(Personal Strength client and wise woman)

Personal Strength is the ability to look within yourself for answers-while at the same time staying connected to the source of power that is outside of us.

- Jesse Carmichael
(Guest client of Personal Strength,
son of Jennifer Larkin,
member of Maroon 5 and wise man)

Personal Strength

Sandra Pereira - Personal Trainer & Fitness/Yoga Instructor             Tanya Loken - Life-Guide & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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